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This is our young orchard which we have high hopes for in the next few years.

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I am a sleep medicine physician and have been practicing here in Georgia since 2001.  I have learned that choices we make in our lives matter.  In my case, it was the decision to major in Biology, a degree I never thought I would seriously use! 

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We process our apples in Doraville at PREP-Atlanta, a shared commercial kitchen.

Sent a post to ya made the most amazing Apple Butter Raisin Nut Bread- came out crunchy on outside and so moist inside- your product rocks! Thanks! Ordering more in the next week or so.


I just ordered the apple butter....really looking forward to it.


Ok, I had your apple butter last year and it is way too tasty right out of the jar to make with a scone. However, I’m gonna go on ur website , buy some more and find out.