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About Us

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from nearly two decades as a practicing physician in North Georgia, it’s that the choices we make in our lives matter. In college, I made a choice that led me away from my home in the Midwest and into the world of science and medicine. But I never drifted too far from my roots.


I grew up on a farm in Missouri. My life there taught me the value of being close to the land and close to one another. As an adult, apples and apple picking with my kids always brought me back to that feeling of being on the farm – of being connected to family and community.

Over time, my love of apples and my love of science came together. I became an avid fan of studying the best ways to make delicious things out of apples: apple cider, apple butter, applesauce, apple cider vinegar, kombucha. I studied cider production and food safety. I established my own orchard. I even built my own cider press!



 As my love of apples grew into an obsession – and my kids grew up and moved out of the house – apples became an even bigger part of my life. I finally achieved my dream of turning my hobby into a full-fledged business.

But as I began to produce more cider, one thing really bothered me: so much of the apple was left unused! That one thought led me to develop a sustainability model which evolved into our mission statement: “We take ‘em to the core!”

As a result, our production schedule takes on the appearance of a well-choreographed production. Juice is produced and stored for fermentation as apple cider vinegar, while the remainder of the apple is cooked. We save the pulp, separating it from the stems, seeds, and peels, which we use as compost. The saved pulp is then transformed using a proprietary blend of spices to produce the most delicious applesauce and apple butter around. Because of its freshness, it retains the original vitamins and minerals… and it’s gluten free!


The apples we use are local to North Georgia and have been selected carefully. We use multi-variety apples, which I feel bring together the perfect combination of science, creativity, and taste.

I believe that there is so much goodness to be squeezed from an apple. My hope is that our apple products will bring every bit of that goodness to you, your family, and everyone who shares your table.