Name – Them Apples, LLC


Being a physician, I’ve felt upstaged by the apple at times thinking about sayings like, “An apple a day…” you know the rest! That is why I decided to partner with the apple—realizing that we both have a role in the health and lives of citizens on this planet.


I love apples. Few fruits have had more notoriety throughout the ages, from Adam and Eve, to Johnny Appleseed, to Mom and apple pie! 

Fads and fame come and go, yet the apple remains.  Why?  Because they are full of flavor, come in many varieties, have a great crunch, and are beautiful to look at. When their parts are separated, their goodness multiplies into more complex and interesting products.


It’s no oversight that there are five apples on our logo representing our product name, Pitts’ Original. We have 5 members in our immediate family: Dave, Dana, Elizabeth, Caroline, and David. As time goes on, we know our family will grow alongside our product line.  


Apples remind me of family and great memories. That is why the name of our company is Them Apples, LLC. As a company brand, Them Apples, LLC represents a fresh-first and no-nonsense approach to selling our Pitts’ Original products. 

Go ahead, try our applesauce, apple butter, apple cider vinegar and apple ginger kombucha. See how you like “Them Apples'“. We are confident you will.