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Our Story

I started hearing about the history of apple cider and how before the Prohibition years, most apples were consumed from a cider jug as refrigeration was a new invention.  Sadly, most of the cider apples were destroyed during that period and are only now making a comeback.

When I tried hard apple cider, I immediately developed a new appreciation for apples.  As the main alcoholic beverage of the 18th century, I could share a kinship with our early American colonials.  Since then, I have become an avid cider fan, studying cider production, establishing an orchard and making my own cider press!

As I continued to produce cider, one thing bothered me and that was the disposal of the rest of the apple.  As a result, we developed a sustainability model which became our mission statement, “We take ‘em to the core!” 

As a result, our production schedule takes on the appearance of a well choreographed production.  Juice is produced and stored for fermentation as apple cider vinegar, while the remainder of the apple is cooked.  The pulp is then separated from the stems, seeds and peels which is then composted while the pulp is transformed using a proprietary blend of spices to produce our signature applesauce and apple butter.  Because of its freshness, it retains the original vitamins and minerals and it’s gluten free. 

Thanks for your interest!

                                                        --David Pitts, MD